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ZMF-PRO Technical Specifications

  • When not in use, power should be turned off to maximize batteries lifetime.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries. Use alkaline batteries only (recommended). Do not mix old or rechargeable batteries with new ones. Do not use batteries with a voltage higher than 1.5V like the Oxyride batteries; doing so might permanently damage the circuitry in your unit.
  • Batteries for the ZMF-Pro clocks should provide power for more than 900 hours of use under normal conditions (compare to 600
    hours of use that other clocks offer).
  • < 20 mA consumption.
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 6.5V
  • High contrast TN Reflective Positive LCD displays.
  • Large 1.4″ digit size.
  • Operating temperature: -30 ºC to 80 ºC.
  • These units with LCD displays can be used either indoors or outdoors.


Problem: The display in my clock is not bright anymore and the clock sometimes behaves erratically changing turns by itself. Solution: This is an indication that the batteries need to be replaced. The touch sensing circuitry needed for the touch buttons is very sensitive to small changes in the supply voltage. When the batteries are drained or near drained, the clock might behave erratically from time to time changing turns by itself, and also the display will not be as bright as before. Replacing the batteries will return your unit to normal operation.
Problem: I replaced the batteries but the clock is not working. The clock
was working before the batteries replacement.
Solution: Make sure that the batteries are installed in the proper polarity direction. There are some marks in the batteries holder that indicate the proper battery direction. Check the on/off slide switch.
Problem: When playing a game the timing in the clock would not behave as expected. Solution: Make sure that the menu options for delay “DEL 00”, increment “INC 00”, hourglass “HOGL 000”, Scrabble “SCRA BBLE”, byoyomi “BYO YOMI”, and tournament modes “P-00 000” are all set to zero or off.
Problem: There is no beeping sound coming out of the clock. Solution: Set the menu option for the sound from off “SOUN OFF” to on “SOUN ON”. Refer to your clock manual.
Problem: The LED light indicators do not work. Solution: Set the menu option for the led indicators from off “LED OFF” to on “LED ON”. Refer to your clock manual.

User’s Manual Versions

To download ZMF-Pro Manual v2.3 01-20-2021 click here.

To download ZMF-Pro Manual v2.2 02-03-2020 click here.

To download ZMF-Pro Manual v2.1 09-15-2015 click here.

To download ZMF-Pro Manual v1.0 06-11-2015 click here.


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